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A website established by a number of football fans that allows you to submit a petition to FIFA regarding beIN Sports’ politicization of its studios and sports programs.

Petition Signatories

Ahmed Hassan Egypt national football team player, the most capped international male footballer in history
Ahmed Shobair former Al Ahly club & Egypt national football team player
Battal Al-Goos Editor of the Sports department in Al Arabiya and Editor-in-Chief of Arriyadiyah newspaper
Khaled El-Ghandour Former Egypt national team player and captain of Zamalek Club
Hussein Abdulghani Previouse player in the saudi national team
Amer Abdullah sports commentator
Fares Awad sports commentator
Majed Abdullah former Saudi national team player
Majid Garoub lawyer
Mohammed Al Shalhoub player of the Saudi national team & Al-Hilal Club
Medhat Shlaby Sports tv presenter
Mohammed Noor former player of the Saudi national team and Al-Ittihad Club
Waleed Alfarraj presenter of Action YaDawry
Yousif Althunaian captain of Saudi national team in Asia 1996

List of The Participants

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Videos of violations

First Video

One of the guests was injecting politics into sports by falsely saying that Saudi Arabia had betrayed the Israeli–Palestinian cause, making it easy for it to betray the Moroccan bid to host the 2026 World Cup

Second Video

The guests along with the presenter were talking about the loss of the Saudi national team against Russia, saying that it won’t prompt Saudi officials into taking any action due to their joy of the US win to host World Cup 2026

Third Video

The channel’s guest attacks Turki Al-Asheikh for asserting responsibility of the K.S.A national team loss against Russia, questioning the Saudi General Sport Authority Chairman’s allegiance to the King.

Fourth Video

The guests talked about the losses of the Saudi team in a biased manner and described the last loss against Russian team as a disgrace and scandal, and that the Saudi Football Federation has mobilized its efforts for the United States’ Nomination 2026 file at the expense of their national team.

Fifth Video

One of the guests said that: “We might see Saudi players, coaching stuff, and Turki Al-Asheikh himself imprisoned at the Ritz-Carlton soon like what happened to those princess”

Sixth Video

The guests described President Trump as an idiot and autocratic person, claiming that he had threatened all countries that would vote for Morocco to host the 2026 World Cup. They also said FIFA should strip the US of the right to host the World Cup. The guests then pointed out that Saudi Arabia has betrayed all Arabs by voting for the US.

Seventh Video

The commentator signals that Morocco has been betrayed by the “closest people” in its 2026 bid to host the World Cup, sending a message “to whom it may concern” that what you do now will come back to you in the future and that history will not forget the people who put their interests over the Arab unity.

Eigth Video

After he decided not to count an attack by Morocco national team as a penalty, beIN SPORTS commentator described the American referee, officiating a football match between Morocco and Portugal, as a man whose country won, through its political file, the bid to host the 2026 World Cup at the expense of Morocco’s bid.

Ninth Video

Before the World Cup

The presenter discusses two Tunisian newspapers that covered reactions regarding the GCC political crisis during a final match where fans were holding a slogan that was hostile to the Qatar boycott and that said: “We hate you rulers! You are besieging Qatar and leaving Israel in peace”.

Tenth Video

Before the World Cup

The video shows Algerian fans support of Qatar and their protest against the boycotting countries, highlighting Xavi Hernandez statement in which he called for an end to the Qatar “blockade” as well as tweets made by famous football and tennis athletes calling for the same thing. It also touches on Morocco 2026 bid to host FIFA World Cup in an interview with a guest who said that Morocco has been betrayed by an “Arab State” and that the hope of realizing the Arab Dream has been dashed.

Eleventh Video

Before the World Cup

The channel airs a statement issued by the ex-Barcelona and Spanish national team player Xavi Hernandez, who currently plays for of Qatar’s Al Sadd SC, calling for end of the blockade against Qatar.

Twelfth Video

Before the World Cup

The channel interviewed the Tunisian football coach, and former beIN SPORTS analyst, Nabil Maâloul who expressed his hope that the suspension on Kuwait sports would be lifted, and that the “unjust blockade” on Qatar would be put to an end soon.

Photos of Violations

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